Self Sealing ESR Pipette Filter

PORSELF TM Self - Sealing Filter Tip is breathable in dry state but when wet by water , the pores are closed and become less breathable and waterproof.

“ Self-sealing ” Porous Plastic Filter - PORSELF ™ media in this invention are defined as porous media that allow air and gas to pass through when the media are dry and do not allow air, gas or solutions to pass through when the media contacts aqueous based or organic solvent-based liquid solutions, for example under suction forces or pressure. The suction forces are vacuum or negative pressures.

In the dry condition, polymeric elastomer will not swell and the gas can be uniformly through.In the water condition, polymeric elastomer swell and block

BLINEX ™ PORSELF ™ Porous “ Self – Sealing ” Filters Tips are used in Disposable ESR pipettes with the graduated tubes up to 180 mark where the “ Self – Sealing ” filter Tip which is a unique fibrous plug located at the zero mark is fixed as a fitted stopper above avoiding the blood overflowing.

The Polypropylene stopper is specifically designed to be a self sealing barrier that avoids the accidental contact of blood with mouth while sucking.

  • For direct testing in 12/13mm blood collection tubes
  • No additional vials, tubes or transfer pipettes necessary.
  • No need to transfer blood.
  • Risk free, accurate and reproducible results.