PTFE Non Stick Coating on Biscuits Die Roll ( FDA Approved )
PTFE coatings provides excellent Non-Stick properties, these materials have the highest operating temperature of any Fluoropolymer and have extremely low coefficient of friction coupled with good abrasion and chemical resistance.

These coatings are either single or two-coat systems, comprising of a primer and topcoat and for premium systems three coat systems are available.

PTFE coatings are available in aqueous based forms.

PTFE coatings can provide the solution to many engineering questions particularly those relating to non-stick (release), low friction, chemical resistance and wear resistance, there are many other solutions that can be resolved by the application of PTFE coatings

PTFE Coating surfaces are both oleo phobic and hydrophobic, they are not readily wet, cleanup is easier, more through and in many cases self cleaning. Self-lubricating, Heat Resistant properties.

Temperature resistance upto 250 Degree C which requires no special precaution.

The coefficient of friction is generally in the ranger of 0.05 to 0.20, depending on the load sliding speed.

They are FDA Approved for its use in Food Industries.