PTFE Lined Sparger Nozzle and Dip Pipe
Our PTFE Lined dip tubes combine the strength and rigidity of steel with the Corrosion resistance of isostatically molded PTFE or Porous PTFE.

This combination offers universal chemical resistance and can also add the ability to withstand the forces of agitation. Ideal for adding or withdrawing fluids in corrosive environments.

Unique Capibility of Providing Improved Gas, Steam or Liquid Dispersion

  • Resistance to almost all Chemicals
  • Temperature Resistance upto 200 Degree C
  • Fit to all Dimension Dip Pipes
  • Operates Silently with no Vibrations
  • Generates Fine & Uniform Bubbles
  • Excellent agitation & high mixing
  • Designed for specific Flow Rates
  • Available for 25 NB to 100 NB Dip Pipes.