porous filter Cartridge for Air Dryer
( 70 mm od x 40 mm id x 500 mm long )

POLYPOR TM Porous Plastic Filter Candles for Air Dryer Applications are manufactured by omni-directional inter connecting pores permeable structures. 

These techniques give a wide range of precisely controlled pore size and pore distribution. There is no detoriation from inside and outside, as it is made from Polypropylene plastic material and resistant to almost all chemicals and solvents.

While filtering air, it repels oil and water and only air is passed, as the cartridge is leakered with Silicon Resin-Non stick surface.

Contaminates of filter cartridges are more easily evaluated by visual examination, as initially it is pure white plastic material.

Cartridges are also available with activated carbon block to make the air odor free.

The entire volume of cartridge is used; consequently the filter has high storage capacity for the particle sizes.


  • Free flow with a very low pressure drops ranging from 5 to 10% according to the number of cartridge installed.
  • The working pressure is upto 200 P.S.I.
  • Easily cleanable by household soaps, grease and oil and contaminated chocks are removed by dipping in Methyl Chloride solvent.
  • It is resistant to shocks so there is no chance of damage while installing and transiting.
  • Very lowest cost product comparatively then by any other sintered production
  • It is available in three different Microns 5, 25,50.

Application on various end uses:

  • Filtration of air compressor and air dryer
  • Standard size of cartridges 70mm OD X 40mm ID X 500mm Long (Extended according to your desired Length).
  • Air regulators
  • Biomedical, Water conditioning
  • Blood serum
  • Industrial, Fuel filters
  • Aquarium Aerators
  • Breather vents
  • Marker tip
  • Controlled metering devices
  • Foaming devices
  • Pneumatic mufflers
  • Filtration support media
  • Oxygen humidifiers
  • Battery flame arrestors
  • ETO vents
  • Chromatography frits
  • Production of defined foams