Porous Plastic Column Frits for Medical Applications
Liquid Chromatography Liquid Chromatography And Solid Phase Extraction (spe) Column Frit

We are engaged in manufacturing Liquid Chromatography and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Frits.

Manufactured using UHMW Polyethylene or PE copolymers, our frits have excellent concentricity and smooth square edges, ensuring a tight fit of the column.

Eliminating packing material leakage, the tight fit help in reducing in use and/or packaging line rejects.

To suit clients' different requirements, standard hydrophobic and hydrophilic formulations are also available.

This recently developed material, which is suitable for all sorts of medical device.

When application in medical requires a filter, vent, wick, diffuser, support medium or self-sealing material first consider the POLYPORTM Porous Product Line.

The advantageous of this product are it is harmless from physiological point of view and Sterilized in an autoclave (up to 130 Degree C), which will not react with any Acids or Bases and we can supply it in any size and shapes, in pore size ranging from 1 to 100 micron.

This unique material offers you the venting or filtering characteristic of our typical porous material-until the material comes in contact with an aqueous solution.

When a liquid such as water or blood, comes in contact with the material it seals off the flow completely. These liquid barrier vents are ideal when used in applications such as catheter vents and aortal syringe vents.

Application on Various End Uses:
  • Vents for IV catheters and IV set spikes
  • Sample preparation Devices
  • Wound Drainage system to remove post operative fluid
  • sheet for IV fluid filtration
  • diffusers for Oxygenarator bottles
  • Filtering Blood serum and for Self contained Diagnostic Kits.

Our POLYPORTM Self- sealing material provides a low cost, safety vent for use where protection against body fluid contamination is required.

Using a material that meets the FDA-USA requirement for food contact, this material is manufactured in accordance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices.