Porous Plastic Air Freshener Wick
Porous Plastic Air Freshener Wick Surface tension, pore size, porosity and material types are the critical factors considered in the design of wick.

With extensive wicking experience in the development of air freshener wick, Blinex has developed the final air freshener wick featured as a type of polyethylene offering a combination of small pore size and high porosity, including an innovative molded geometry for a tamper-proof design complying with child safety regulations.

Our wicks are mainly applied to inks holding viscosity and its surface tensions close to water, such as solvent, alcohol.

Blinex Porous Plastic are Sintered Porous plastic material include PE, PP, PA, HDPE, UHMW and so on.

We can control filter precision between 0.5 to 200 micron.

Due to optimized capillarity along the entire length of the wick, Blinex Porous Air Freshener Wicks allow efficient fragrance release at a controlled and linear rate.

Blinex has extensive wicking material expertise across many industries, which has been applied to wicks designed specifically for consumer-branded scented oil and water-based products.

The wicks are engineered for optimal pliability such that they seal against the inner wall of the bottle's neck, yet still offer enough rigidity to support high-speed insert assembly processes.

They are available for both plug-in and passive (non-electrical) models. It's widely applied to Cleaning water, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical & food industry, Electronics industry, Pneumatic and any other concerning field.